If you're an FBA seller, Amazon probably owes you money. We get it back for you.

Our Amazon reimbursement service is the most affordable and hassle-free way to claim reimbursements from Amazon’s mistakes.

How our reimbursement software works

If you sell on Amazon with FBA, you’re owed money for Amazon inventory management mistakes

Amazon handles the storage and processing of millions of products; errors are more common than you think. The most common ones we see every day include:

amazon seller reimbursement service

Lost Inventory

Amazon damaged goods

Damaged Goods

Amazon destroyed goods

Destroyed Goods

We do the grunt work for you so you can focus on what matters: getting paid

FBA inventory reimbursements are difficult to find. Our software analyzes your inventory’s history to find FBA errors and calculate how much money Amazon owes you.

To date we have found
and recovered

$ 1000000

for Amazon sellers

Why AMZRefund?

amazon terms of service safe

Amazon TOS Compliant

Unlike other services, AMZRefund is non-automated software and 100% TOS compliant. With us your account is safe.

affordable service


You pay only 12% of your expected reimbursements. Other services charge up to 25%.

our guarantee

Our Guarantee

You don’t pay a dime until we are sure you are eligible for reimbursements. If you aren’t reimbursed by Amazon as much as we estimated, we issue you the corresponding refund.

cloud based software

Fast Cloud-Based Tool

No software to download or install, just simple instructions to follow. Once your account is setup, you can log into your AMZRefund refunds manager dashboard and generate reports at any time.

How it works

AMZRefund Step 2

Our refund rescuer software will analyze your Amazon store’s product history to find eligible reimbursements  and give you a calculation of how much Amazon owes you.

You can then purchase a complete report with details & instructions for only 12% of calculated reimbursements.

AMZRefund Step 3

Claim your money and continue to grow your business!

Our pricing is simple and risk-free

Put simply, we only make money when you make money

You pay only a

commission on the money you get back from Amazon

  • Accurate, detailed report of all your eligible refunds
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to properly submit your refund claims
  • View your Amazon reimbursement report on the AMZRefund Dashboard or download it in CSV format
  • The most affordable service out there. Other services on average charge 25%
  • 100% risk-free. If for some reason we over-calculate how much Amazon owes you, we offer hassle-free refunds. Got back more money than we calculated? Take it as a little gift from us!


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Don’t take our word for it

See what other Amazon sellers have to say

Im really happy and love the service that you do. It's obviously apparent to the merchants that Amazon does not make it easy to get your money back from them. We plan on continuing to use this quarterly. We're excited and thank you for your help with refunds, you guys are doing gods work I tell ya.
Amazon FBA Seller
Thanks for the report. Your service is amazing and paid for itself within 24 hours. Thanks again!
Amazon FBA Seller
This is such a no-brainer service. It's basically free money just waiting to be claimed. I recommend it to almost all of my clients.

Want to see how much Amazon owes you?