Frequently Asked Questions

AMZRefund is a tool for Amazon FBA sellers to quickly and easily find unclaimed Amazon reimbursements due to Amazon’s inventory management mistakes.

The first step to using AMZRefund is to first create an account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access your dashboard and generate a report by following simple instructions. 

Our software analyzes your inventory’s history to find FBA errors and calculate how much money Amazon owes you.

AMZRefund calculates reimbursements for the following situations:

  • Units destroyed by Amazon without reimbursement
  • Refunds given to customers for more than what was charged
  • Orders refunded but never returned after 45 days
  • Items lost in FBA warehouse and never reimbursed
  • Items damaged in FBA warehouse and never reimbursed
  • Replacements sent to customer without the original being returned
  • Damaged returns and inventory by FBA warehouse workers
  • Credits and partial refunds given to customers that were drawn from your seller account

We support the following marketplaces:


We tell you how much Amazon owes you for free, no strings attached. The complete report with details and step-by-step instructions on how to claim your reimbursements, you pay only 12% of what you’re owed. This is much lower than the average 25% charged by other services.

When your report has finished generating, you can view a summary of the report in the ‘Reports’ section on the left of your dashboard. To purchase a report, simply click ‘Purchase Report’ and follow the instructions through PayPal. When you return, the report will be unlocked and you can see what orders you should dispute in Amazon seller support and the amount you are entitled to.

No, we do not, as there have been reports that this is against Amazon policy. We provide clear instructions on how to open reimbursement cases after you purchase a report. It is very quick and easy to do.

This can happen, and if it does, simply send us an email to and a customer support representative will work with you to credit your PayPal account back for the incorrect transactions found.

Our primary form of communication is through email. Please email us at with any questions or problems using AMZRefund (Please try to contact us through the email you signed up with so we can quickly find your account information).

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